Willie and Company I'm the Star!

Peggy Miller and WilliePeggy Miller

She is the voice behind Willie; as well as Great great Granny Gardner and Willie's little cousin, Hannah. She is a ventriloquist with the unique ability to make the audience forget that it is she who is talking and singing. It won't take long to notice that Willie's ability to steal the show is a credit to Peggy's remarkable talent and technique. She has earned the respect from many audiences and fellow professionals. You'll have to agree - she's extraordinary!


That's Willie, a personality unto himself. He is the star! ~ If you don't believe itů.ASK HIM! He loves the ladies, torments the men, charms the children and steals everyone's heart. He has tremendous wit, an appreciation for his audience, patriotism, humility and a strong dedication to his lifetime friend and mentor, Peggy Miller. He sings, tells stories, plays auctioneer and will leave you begging for more!

Don't let him fool you though. Willie can be a smart aleck but down deep there is no doubt that he is a sincere young man. Hannah is a delight and Granny is just a good ol' gal with more than a spark left in her!

Willie and Company& Company

Willie & Company are sure to be a hit at any occasion; fairs, schools, corporate functions, training sessions, RV ralleys, and trade shows. A wonderful choice for any age group or gathering; they have appeared on PBS television as well as variety shows and conventions across the country. Audiences love Willie & Co! A program can be tailored for your group or convention.

Please contact us if you would like to invite Willie and Company to your event. Seeing is truly believing!!!

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Willie & Company
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